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Email testing and SMS verification examples using MailSlurp and a wide range of frameworks. MailSlurp Example

This example demonstrates use of MailSlurp with NodeJS, (wdio), Selenium and Chrome to test user processes that depend on email.

It tests user sign-up, email confirmation, login, and password reset using the MailSlurp OAuth2 Playground as a dummy application.

Each test run generates a real, randomized email address using MailSlurp, signs up with it and then captures the email confirmation code to enter in the confirmation step. MailSlurp is free for personal use so sign up to run the example yourself.


npm install API_KEY=your-mailslurp-key npm run test


The version of chromedriver in package.json should match the version of Chrome browser that you have installed on your machine. Check your installed version and change the dependency version to match.